Charity Drives
Charity Drives


LAX-Files is holding another round of charity auctions to benefit the American Cancer Society in honor of Kim Manners. There are some great autographed X-Files items this round, including comics, magazines, and posters, as well as some rarer items, too. This round ends in less than two days. 

So if your X-Files collection is looking a little thin, check out the auction, grab some cool items, and help a great cause. Also, be sure to follow LAX-Files on Facebook and author Erica Fraga on Twitter for updates on future auctions. 


 We know that many of you have been wondering what happened to our lad Carter Fox. Some of his stops have passed by and he did not arrive at his destination. For the past 2 months we have been tracking his whereabouts to find out that apparently he has been kidnapped somewhere in between Canada and Russia. We wish this were a publicity stunt, but the truth is that Carter Fox was confiscated by the Russian Mail.

We don't want the campaign to fall short or cancelled, but we need to provide for another Carter Fox to start the trip again and that will take some time. Meanwhile, we will be contacting all the already confirmed hosts and reorganizing your dates as conveniently as we can.

Sorry again for all the inconveniences, we're very sad that the little guy suffered an ill fate!


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