Charity Drives
Charity Drives

Most of you know that this coming February 23rd, 2014 marks Dana Scully's 50th Birthday. Many a celebration are planned around the fandom, and one of them is the amazing effort by heART & X-Philantropy.

Starting on February 12th and ending on March 9th, a series of weekly auctions will offer a variety of items from The X-Files and Gillian Anderson, gathered by X-Philantropy, and amazing and beautiful artwork by varied artists that will feature portraits and scenes inspired by The X-Files and the actors of the show curated by heART. All the items will be signed by Gillian Anderson and all proceeds will benefit SA-Yes, the charity of her choice.

We've teamed up with the organizers to deliver you a lot more information about this event, including more detailed information about the offered items and profile interviews with some of the artists, in a weekly round up of the upcoming auctions and much more useful information for your enjoyment.

In the mean time, check out their website, where you can find details about the people involved and their mission. Stay tuned for our weekly deliveries associated to this beautiful event.


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