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Again, as a part of Dana Scully's 50th Birthday celebrations, we at XFN have come together with heART and X-Philanthropy to interview the people behind some of your favorite works of fan-art. Today's artist is Amelia Dolezal. Some of you may know her as Littledeerling over on Tumblr.

Round one of the auctions is going on now and can be found here. Round two of the auctions featuring Amelia's work begins February 19th and runs through February 23rd. Round three runs from February 26th through March 3rd and also includes a piece from Amelia. Click here to view the items up for sale.

Take the jump to read our interview with Amelia Dolezal.


XFN: In a nutshell - tell us what inspires you as an artist. What are your favorite artists?

Amelia: Everything! TV, music, movies, other art... I find it all inspirational and I genuinely love every kind of art. Sometimes it's hard to find inspiration but I go to a great school with really amazing artists who also happen to be my friends and just watching them draw inspires me. I have so many favorite artists, but I think my artist friends are really the ones who push me to become a better illustrator.

XFN: What type of materials/means and styles are your favorites? Water colors? Pencils? Photoshop? Tell us a little about your creation process.

Amelia: I love to experiment with various different materials, and even styles, because I enjoy variety in my work and trying new things. If a certain medium or technique looks interesting I try it out, no matter how bad I am at it.

My favorite thing to use is Photoshop since there's just so much you can do with it. For the majority of my art I just draw it out on paper and either leave the pencil or ink over with a brush pen and the rest I flesh out in Photoshop.

XFN:  What motivated you to create these particular works of art?

Amelia: Last summer I actually started watching The X-Files for the first time. I hadn't seen the show before because when I was young I was too scared to watch it! Something about the theme song always freaked me out (I love it now). After binge watching the X-files this year I really connected with the characters and the story. I love that this show can be both hilarious and serious with these horror and sci-fi elements and I really wanted to bring that into my art as well.

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XFN: As a fan of Gillian Anderson's work and most likely an X-Files fan, what part of their work has been life changing to you?

Amelia: I've only just come across Gillian Anderson's work this year, through X-Files, The Fall and Hannibal (all incredible shows!) and watching her play such amazing characters has inspired me greatly. I've become particularly attached to her work on The X-Files and I've completed many X-Files related artworks which have been featured in a few X-Files/Sci-Fi art shows and have opened up many opportunities for me.

And just recently I've been accepted into a Hannibal artbook which I'm so grateful to be in, and it was thanks to the inspiration I got from watching her work on these lovely shows.

I also learned about her involvement with various charities and it got me thinking about organizing various shows to benefit charities that I strongly believe in so that I can make a difference in my own way.

XFN: What strikes you as the most important thing that SA-Yes does for their people?

Amelia: Everything SA-Yes is doing is important because they're helping people find their place in the world essentially. No matter where someone lives, people are struggling to figure out how to be independent and how to support themselves and SA-Yes is creating opportunities for them to do so. They provide people with resources and information that is essential for living on your own and opportunities for people to continue their education if they choose.

XFN: Scully turns fifty this year; she was a female character that many follow as an example, mainly because in one way or another she is a beacon that questioned the world around her. How do you think that you as an individual can help change and improve the world around you?

Amelia: I'm still trying to figure that out (aren't we all?) but as an artist I get to be a part of so many interesting projects and shows, many of which contribute to a variety of charities and I'm so glad to be a part of those projects that could potentially make a difference for someone else.

At the very least I hope my work can inspire someone else or even just give them a reason to smile, laugh or relate to. I think small things like that can really make a difference in someone's life.

I may not be able to change the world but if I could help one person in a positive way then that's all I could really hope for.

Our thanks go out to Amelia Dolezal for taking the time to talk with us. You can check out all her work over at her online store. You can check out all the artists taking part in heART and X-Philanthropy's Scully's 50th Birthday Celebration, including Amelia, here.

Check back to read more interviews with these amazing artists in the coming days.




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