Best Tweets
Best Tweets

If the first rule of Fight Club is "don't talk about Fight Club" the XF Rewatch Crew sure didn't listen. While it's not everybody's favorite episode, "Fight Club" still has enough flirting to get your attention! Here are your best tweets.

Oh what a day to be an X-Phile! Too much fun had today. Here are your best tweets for "Hollywood A.D." - David Duchovny's humoristic take on The X-Files getting the silver screen treatment. 

See you guys tomorrow!

From the shippy high of "all things" we move on to the complete gross fest that is "Brand X." We've got "Mulder-in-Peril" and "Dr. Scully-To-The-Rescue" and an end that finds Mulder wrestling with a nasty habit. But we know what really lights his fire. Here are your best tweets.

15 years after it's initial airing, "all things" still has the power to turn even the most stoic Phile into a flailing mess. From the opening in Mulder's bathroom to that ending as the camera drifts away from our two heroes on the couch, this episode written and directed by Gillian Anderson packs an emotional punch. Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchAllThings.

If The X-Files teaches us one thing, normal people in suburbia are never what they seem. Here, in the widely understood definition of the term, are your best tweets from "Chimera."


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